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1)Test stand lifting system:

 The automatic lifting function of the test stand greatly facilitates the operation of the test, improves the test efficiency and avoids personal injury.

2)Advanced control system:

With high stability, it is easier to install, test and analyze.

3)Humanized software control system:

The imitation digital tube displays the temperature and displacement, and draws the test curve. It provides a variety of coordinate curves for centralized management of the data. It can analyze the test data, print test curves, test data and test reports.

4)Four safety protection:

Multiple hardware and software safety design such as mechanical temperature upper limit protection switch, software temperature upper limit protection, test completion automatic stop and administrator operation key to ensure safe and stable operation of the test.

5)High precision measurement and control system:

The high-performance temperature sensor and the advanced capacitive-type digital display dial gauge are used to accurately measure the small changes of the sample. The advanced PID algorithm and the all-optical isolation phase-modulation module are used for temperature control to ensure that the heating rate error is less than 0.5 °C .



2.Technical Parameters    





Temperature control range

Room temperature ~ 300 °C

Maximum temperature error

±0.5 °C (50 degree heating rate)

Heating rate

50°C/h,120°C/h,Or arbitrarily set between 50-120 °C / h

Temperature measurement point


Number of test racks

6 pieces

Deformation measurement range


Deformation measuring tool

High precision digital display dial gauge

Maximum deformation error


Sample support span


Using media

Methyl silicone oil or transformer oil

Protective function

Software upper temperature protection and hardware upper temperature protection

Control method

Using single chip microcomputer and PC distributed control system

Lifting system

Sample rack automatic lifting system

Cooling method

Natural cooling above 150°C, water cooling below 150°C or natural cooling

The sample holder is automatically raised and lowered, and the thermal expansion coefficient of the sample holder is <0.005/100°C (directly affecting the experimental results)

ISO 2507 Thermoplastics pipes and fittings- Vicat softening temperature - Part1: General test method

ISO 75 Plastics - Determination of Temperature of Deflection Under Load

ISO 306 Plastics-Thermoplastic materials - Determination of Vicat Softening Temperature (VST)

ASTMD 1525 Standard Test Method for Vicat Softening Temperature of Plastics

ASTMD 648 Standard Test Method for Deflection Temperature of Plastics  Under Flexural Load in The Edgewise Position

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