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Model DWC-100 low temperature chamber is newly researched and developed cooling machine for impact sample according to low temperature device in GB/T229-1994 “Charpy Notched-bar Impact Testing Method”. This device uses Liquid nitrogen system and thermal equilibrium principle and cycle stir, to make the specimen automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature, which can conform to every temperature-control indicator in the national standard GB/T229-1994 fully. This device, easy to operate and highly-effective, is the ideal device for specimen cooling and heat preservation in the metal low temperature impact test. It can be also used in other low temperature detection and tests.

2.Main technical parameter

Cooling range: room temperature ~ +30~ -100°C (room temperature: ≤25°C)

Constant temperature accuracy: <±3°C

Effective work space: 268 x 158 x 150mm

Specimen quantity: more than 120pcs

Specimen dimension: 10 x 10 x 55 mm

Digital display thermometer: resolution 0.1°C

Cooling medium: Liquid nitrogen

Motor for intermix: 23W

Working power supply: 220~224V, 50HZ, 2.0Kw

Dimension: 900 x 505 x 850 mm

Weight: 50kg

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