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This series of impact testing machines are high stiffness mainframe, plc controlled, automatic measurement and recording testing machine, which is a pendulum low temperature impact testing machine with excellent technical level in China at present.

It is designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 148:1998, GB/T 3808-2010 Inspection of Pendulum Impact Testing Machine, fully meet the requirements of the impact testing machines both at home and abroad.

The impact testing machines have passed the inspection and verification of various standard impact samples at home and abroad, participated in and passed the international comparative test of impact test, obtained the CE certification of the European Union, passed the inspection certification of the national quality supervision and Inspection center of the testing machine, and passed the inspection of Shandong Institute of Metrology.

The impact testing machine is powerful, stable and reliable, the test is accurate, and the operation is convenient. It is an ideal test equipment for testing the impact resistance of the metal material under the dynamic load and judging the tough and brittle material of the material.

This impact testing machines can not only test the impact resistance of metal materials at room temperature and low temperature, but also test the ductile-brittle transition temperature of the materials.

The impact testing machine can be widely applied to materials research, material analysis and material development of scientific research institutes, detection institutions, colleges and universities, aerospace, military industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, pressure vessels, ships, vehicles, bridges, wind power and the like, material selection, process improvement and quality control.


2.Technical parameter


1)Specifications of host and fixtures



Maximum impact energy


Effective range of use


Pendulum preparing angle


Distance from the axis of the pendulum shaft to the striking center


Impact speed


Anvil span


Anvil fillet radius


Anvil slope angle


Impact edge angle




Radius of curvature of impact blade

2mm impact knife


8mm impact knife


8mm impact knife shoulder-angle radius


8mm impact knife width

4mm ±0.05mm

Impact knife width


Impact knife thickness


Samples specifications(mm)





2) Measuring specifications



Angle measurement mode

Photoelectric encoder

Angular accuracy


Digital display angle resolution


Digital display energy resolution


Minimum resolution of dial


Energy display mode

Dial, computer

3) Host specifications





With protective net  2220×900×2220(L×W×H)mm



Around 1500kg




Power supply

3 phase 5 wire 380V±10%,50Hz

Using environment

No vibration, no dust; room temperature(15-25℃); humidity<70%







1 set(Base frame,HT250,metal mold precision casting)


1 set(on the host)

Two-stage speed-reducing motor

1 set

Magnetic clutch

1 set

Pendulum-taking transmission device

1 set(on the host)

Hanging and releasing pendulum mechanism

1 set(on the host)

Automatic recovery system

1 set(on the host)

Safety mechanism

1 set(on the host)

Safety protection device

1 set(totally enclosed)





Fixed, learned experimenters must be arranged to operate the product, and no one else shall operate the product;

When the product is in use, the operator shall operate in the correct procedure in accordance with the received training and guidance;

Operators should master the corresponding test standards skillfully in order to accurately judge the test results;

Operators must carefully read the host instructions and software instructions;

At the beginning of the test every day, after starting the equipment, do not install the sample, first empty run impact several times, pay attention to observe the normal operation of each part, make sure that there is no abnormal after loading test;

At the end of the test, turn off the machine in the correct order and cut off all power supplies;

After each test, the tester should clean up the iron slag remaining on the surface of the clamp with a metal brush, so as not to affect the results of the next test, and at the same time protect the edge angle of the clamp from damage;

The test personnel shall, according to the requirements of the instructions, regularly check the jaw span, clean the residue, and apply anti-rust oil and the like;

If there is an abnormal situation in the working of the testing machine, or if the electrical appliance fails and the starting or stopping button does not work, the power supply should be cut off immediately so that the testing machine can stop running;

The bolt of the fixed base shall be locked regularly (the vibration of the sample will cause the screw to be loosened), so as to avoid the deviation of impact result due to the loosening of the fastener;

If the product failure, timely contact with our customer service department to communicate, not directly unauthorized disassembly;

The product shall not be reformed on its own.

ISO 148-1:2016 Metallic materials — Charpy pendulum impact test 

 ASTM-E23:Standard Test Methods for Notched Bar Impact Testing of Metallic Materials

 BS EN 10045 Charpy impact test on metallic materials. Test method (V- and U-notches)

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