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  • JBW Computerized Automatic Impact TesterJBW Computerized Automatic Impact Tester

    Computer controlled impact tester can not only examine the energy, return zero, loss of energy, swing circle, but also can display, store, print the testing result through computer with high stiffness load frame & base to guarantee the stability.

  • PIT Plastic  Impact TesterPIT Plastic Impact Tester

    Plastic Impact tester is to determine the impact ductility of nonmetallic materials, such as Rigid thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic, thermosetting plastic and thermoplastic after fiber-reinforced. It is widely used in the industries of plastic products, plastic manufacture, petro chemical.

  • DWC Series Low-Temperature ChamberDWC Series Low-Temperature Chamber

    Low-Temperature Chambers are developed according to Charpy requirements for low-temperature metallic material notch impact tests. Specimens undergo uniform cooling and constant temperature,thanks to overlapping compressor refrigeration, cycle stir, and the thermal equilibrium principle.

  • Ceramics Impact Testing MachineCeramics Impact Testing Machine

    Ceramic Impact Testing Machine is used for impact test and hollow ware edge flatware and hollow ware center of impact test,they are used to measure the blow energy to produce the initial crack.