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What are the preparations that must do before starting of the Horizontal Test Bed ?

Monday 13th April 2020 Back to list

Horizontal tensile test bed usually adopts the frame integral steel plate welding frame structure, which is mainly suitable for the tensile strength test of flexible parts such as steel wire rope, wire, hook, chain and so on.

I will introduce you to the preparations before starting the horizontal tensile testing machine. Let's understand together.


1. Check all parts for abnormalities, and tighten the screws (caps) without looseness. The brake should be normal and reliable.

2. The horizontal tensile testing machine can not roll the workpieces beyond the scope of the mechanical properties of the plate rolling machine.

3. Only after the work piece is placed smoothly, can it be driven and operated, and the signal should be clear and a person should be appointed to direct it.

4. Strictly adjust the roll distance of the plate bending machine according to the thickness of the plate, and no overload operation is allowed.

5. When the horizontal tensile testing machine is not enough for a round workpiece, it is recommended to reserve a certain margin when rolling to the end of the steel plate to prevent the workpiece from falling and hurting people.

6. Check if the coupling guard or belt cover is securely fixed.


The above is a detailed introduction of the preparations made by our technicians before the start of the horizontal tensile testing machine. Knowing these can make your horizontal tensile testing machine use longer, and should not be damaged during operation. save resources.